Meet the Team

Dr. Gretchen Koch

Blending Skill with Soul

Educated at Colorado State University and seasoned in a fast-paced, multi-doctor veterinary practice, Dr. Gretchen Koch brings a wealth of expertise to Kaibab Animal Hospital. Her journey in veterinary medicine is marked by proficiency in advanced surgical procedures, honed in a bustling, multi-doctor practice. Beyond her professional arena, Dr. Koch’s life is filled with the vigor of trail running, the art of smoking meats, and the thrill of Spartan races. Her culinary adventures at farmers’ markets and her foray into novel writing reflect a personality as layered and vibrant as her medical expertise.

Dr. Koch’s professional path is adorned with notable accomplishments, including advanced surgery training through the Viticus Group and Arthrex, and a pursuit of ozone therapy certification. Her dedication to continuous learning and growth is paralleled by her ambition to enhance veterinary education, evident in her initiative to develop comprehensive training programs at her previous workplace. This blend of surgical skill, a commitment to lifelong learning, and a multifaceted life outside the clinic make Dr. Koch a pillar of expertise and inspiration at Kaibab Animal Hospital.

Exceptional Surgical Expertise
with Dr. Koch

Dr. Ashley Schwartz

Harmonizing Alternatives with
Western Medicine

Dr. Ashley Schwartz, a dynamic force at Kaibab Animal Hospital, brings a full spectrum of medical expertise. With a rich educational background in both realms, she is certified in Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy (CVSMT) and Veterinary Medical Acupuncture (cVMA). Dr. Schwartz’s integrative approach extends beyond acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, embracing a wide range of inclusive care options that include surgery and alternative therapies.
Her life outside the clinic is as vibrant as her professional pursuits. A lover of the great outdoors,
she finds solace in fly fishing, hiking, and scent work with her loyal companion, Kaiser. Dr. Schwartz also enjoys the tranquility of grilling, relaxing by the fire, soaking in hot springs, and cultivating her garden, mirroring her deep-rooted connection to nature.

Dr. Schwartz’s journey is colored by her commendable service in the United States Marine Corps, with deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq, shaping her exceptional leadership skills and unique perspective on care. Her vision for veterinary medicine is one of personalized care and innovative solutions, always seeking to reduce the burden of conventional treatments on pets and their families.

Embrace Complimentary Healing
with Dr. Ashley Schwartz

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Beloved Kaibab Mascot

Benny, the beloved Kaibab mascot, joined the team as a stray in 2011. His days are filled with bird watching, napping, feasting, and grooming. As an expert greeter, his mission is to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Dafne Granados

Veterinary Technician

Dafne, a skilled veterinary technician from Carrington College, joined Kaibab Animal Hospital in 2021. She excels in venipunctures and surgeries. At home, Dafne’s life is filled with her pets: energetic Peanut, bossy Dulce, awkward Brisa, chill Pepino, a cuddly hedgehog, and a pampered leopard gecko. Outside work, she enjoys video games, crafts, and poetry.

Lexy Grant

Veterinary Assistant

Lexy Grant transitioned from human medicine to animal care, joining Kaibab Animal Hospital in October 2021. Initially the lead receptionist, she’s now training as a veterinary assistant. Her passion lies in meeting new pets and their owners. Outside work, Lexy loves reading, hiking, bowling, and dancing. She shares her life with four unique dogs, a mischievous ferret, and an independent outdoor cat, Nabu.

Tylo Dworsky

Kennel Assistant

Tylo, born in China and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, has been a veterinary assistant at Kaibab Animal Hospital since July 2022. With a passion for science and animals, she studied veterinary assisting at the East Valley Institute of Technology. Tylo loves learning about animals, assisting with her roommate’s pets, and enjoys reading, socializing, and gaming in her free time.

Tiea Sutherland

Experienced Vet Tech and Inventory Manager

Tiea Sutherland has been with Kaibab Animal Hospital since April 2018. A South Scottsdale native and Coronado High School graduate, Tiea’s lifelong passion for animals led her to a veterinary career. With 14 years in the field, she continues to love her work. She’s a proud mom of two and pet parent to Potter and Ginny, her beloved cats.

Sydney Campbell

Veterinary Assistant

Sydney, a certified veterinary technician assistant, joined us full-time in the Fall of 2023 after her externship through Pima Medical Institute. Originally from Seattle, she loves surgery, particularly orthopedic and abdominal procedures. Sydney lives with her bulldog Tugg and two cats, Mason and Amara, and enjoys fostering kittens and watching anime.

Tiffany Owens

Veterinary Assistant

Tiffany, hailing from Phoenix, transitioned from the restaurant industry to veterinary care, starting as a CSR at Kaibab Animal Hospital on 5/20/22. Now a veterinary assistant, she thrives on the family-like team and continuous learning. At home, she enjoys off-roading, fishing, and hiking, alongside her playful cats Thumbper and Dabby.

Angela Navarro

CSR Manager

Angela transitioned to veterinary medicine, bringing her love for animals from San Diego to Phoenix. With six mischievous cats, she found her place at Kaibab Animal Hospital in 2022, cherishing customer interactions. Away from work, Angela’s world revolves around books and cherished moments with her grandkids.