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Wendy M.
Client Service Representative

Wendy has been a Client Service Representative here at Kaibab Animal Hospital since March 2018. 

Wendy has been a Client Service Representative here at Kaibab Animal Hospital since March 2018. She
was born in Mexico but grew up in Scottsdale for 10 years, Phoenix for 3 years, and Mesa for 6 years. After high school she went to 1 year of automotive technician school before deciding to change directions.

Wendy has always loved animals and has always wanted to save them all. Her family always calls her when
they find animals and she loves helping adopt animals out to new homes. Her favorite part of working at Kaibab Animal Hospital is when emergencies come in and we can help save them and send them home.

Wendy has 2 cats and 4 dogs. Her cat Robin was rescued at 4 weeks and bottle fed by Wendy. He only
cuddles on his time and likes following her around acting careless. Cat is 1 year old and was given to her free from an ad online. She is very sweet, playful, and demanding for food. She has helped Wendy out with other rescued kittens. Her dog Marley is 3 years old. She is a loyal and protective queen of the house. Thor is 2 years old and was given to her after one of her other dogs passed away. He is calm, goofy, social, and loving. Marshal is 1 year old and not very good with strangers but he loves her son and her little brother. Cardi is a 5 month old diva. She is very people friendly and vocal.

Wendy enjoys leading a team. She like to learn new thing while using her skills in any way she can. She enjoys finding ways to improve businesses and help others. She has overcome a lot in her life and is inspired by her son and her single mom who raised her.

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